Announcing eeptools 0.2

My R package eeptools has reached version 0.2. As with the last release, this is still a preliminary release which means that functionality is not full, function names and code behavior may still change from version to version, and I am still looking for suggestions and ideas to improve the package -- check it out on GitHub. Below, here are the changes in the new version:

eeptools 0.2


  • New functions for building maps with shapefiles including mapmerge to merge a dataframe and a shapefile, and ggmapmerge to conver this to a document for making a map in ggplot2
  • statamode updated to allow for multiple methods for handling multiple modes
  • remove_stars deleted and replaced with remove_char to allow for users to specify an arbitrary character string to be removed
  • New plotForWord function to export plots in a Windows MetaFile for inclusion in Microsoft Office documents
  • New age_calc function to allow calculating the age of a vector of birthdates relative to the current date
  • Fix typos in documentation
  • Fix startup message behavior
  • Remove dependencies of the package dramatically so loading is faster and more lightweight
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