Civilytics Consulting LLC is the company I founded to pursue my vision of providing the public performance analytics for local governments across the United States.

In addition to working on building civic performance metrics through Civilytics, I also provide individual statistical consulting to a variety of organizations. Civilytics Consulting focuses on building the capacity of its public institution partners for long-term sustainability of analytic products. By using open source software and open data sources, providing all source code and extensive documentation, and excellent training of customers in the product, Civilytics ensures that its clients can maintain products developed long after the contract ends. This sustainable partnership model is unique, allowing agencies to build lasting organizational change. Civilytics approaches projects with a human centered design methodology to create lasting partnerships with clients.

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Current projects

Currently, Civilytics Consulting is working in the following areas:

  • Designing new ways to visualize criminal justice and policing data at the local level
  • Building new equity-focused tools to aid higher education systems in identifying and recruiting underrepresented students
  • Designing an open curriculum for data analysis focused on the work of education agency data analysts
  • Developing an open platform for education analysis to allow collaboration across education agencies around the country

Hire Me

I am currently booking clients for work in 2019. Check out the contact page and get in touch if you are interested.


I have provided a wide variety of statistical, policy, and statistical computing consulting services to public and private sector clients at the national, state, and local levels of government.

Projects include data visualization, early warning system implementation advice and assistance, machine learning deployments, and training in statistical computing and R programming.

Media Appearances

I have also discussed my work in the media a few times. You can find some links to my media appearances here.


Appeared on WPR Central Time to discuss ELL research done with Deven Carlson.

Published article on Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard describing regression discontinuity work on ELL reclassification.

Awarded Second Prize for the Lloyd D. Gladfelter Award for Government Innovation from the UW-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs


Published article on Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard describing achievement gap measures used in Wisconsin.

Appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio Central Time to discuss successful Wisconsin SLDS grant tackling achievement gap.


Clip of me featured in NPR Marketplace story on Dropout Early Warning Systems.