That's me!

That's me!

Hi. I'm Jared Knowles, founder and President of Civilytics Consulting LLC. Welcome to my homepage.  You can learn more about Civilytics Consulting’s work, our clients, and our history with this summary. You can also follow Civilytics on Twitter or check out the latest updates here.

I'm a statistical programmer and social scientist with experience in R programming, analyzing administrative records, machine learning, and data visualization. I've also taught R programming and statistical computing to a wide array of audiences. 

You can also learn about my work past and present under my portfolio, check out my blog (mostly R package update announcements), or check out some of my photography! 

I'm also an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I came from Montana, I spent several years in Wisconsin, and now I live in Massachusetts.

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If you are in need of expertise in these areas feel free to get in touch.