eeptools 0.3 Released!

Version 0.3 of my R package of miscellaneous code has been released, this time with substantial contributions from Jason Becker via GitHub. Progress continues toward the ultimate goal for eeptools to "make it easier for administrators at state and local education agencies to analyze and visualize their data on student, school, and district performance. By putting simple wrappers around a number of R functions to make many common tasks simpler and lower the barrier to entry to statistical analysis.

The goal is not to invent new functionality for R, but instead to lower the barrier of entry to doing common and routine data manipulation, visualization, and analysis tasks with education data. By collaborating with other users of education data we can build transparent, efficient, reproducible, and easy to use functions for analysts.

Find out more at, and check out the development of this tool."

Suggestions and pull requests are very welcome on GitHub

See the NEWS file in the repository for full updates:

eeptools 0.3


* unit tests for decomma, gelmansim, and statamode using `testthat` package

* statamode updated to work with data.table

* age_calc function from Jason Becker given new precision option

* moves_calc function from Jason Becker

* gelmansim function to do post-estimation prediction on new data from model objects using functionality in the `arm` package

* lag_data function to create groupwise nested lags quickly

eeptools 0.2


* new functions for building maps with shapefiles including mapmerge to merge a dataframe and a shapefile, and ggmapmerge to conver this to a document for making a map in ggplot2

* statamode updated to allow for multiple methods for handling multiple modes

* remove_stars deleted and replaced with remove_char to allow for users to specify an arbitrary character string to be removed

* add plotForWord function to export plots in a Windows MetaFile for inclusion in Microsoft Office documents

* add age_calc function to allow calculating the age of a vector of birthdates relative to the current date

* fix typos in documentation

* fix startup message behavior

* remove dependencies of the package dramatically so loading is faster and more lightweight


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