Announcing eeptools

The LDS_TOOLS package for R has been replaced by the new eeptools package.

I am renaming the package for a number of reasons. First, LDS is a technical industry term in education that stands for Longitudinal Data Systems, which is not commonly known and understood. Second, LDS_TOOLS is not a valid package name in CRAN as package names can only contain alphanumeric characters and dots (whoops!). Third, the new name, eeptools is catchier. eeptools stands for Education Evaluation and Policy tools and that fits the broader mission for the vision of the package--to build convenience functions that speed the work for people working in the education space.

Currently there are only a handful of functions and some synthetic student data in the package. You can check it out online at GitHub:

The good news is that using the devtools package you can build and install it today. Simply type: